David Diaz

Regional Network: 
Pacific Northwest Regional Network
Class Year: 
Forestry Program Manager
721 NW Ninth Ave, Portland, OR, 97209

I grew up in and around San Antonio, Texas, cultivating a love of the outdoors from countless days wandering the juniper and live oak woodlands of the Edwards Plateau.

My background is in soil and forest ecosystem sciences, which have taken me from Texas, to New England, to DC and the Pacific Northwest.  I work primarily at applying cutting edge scientific research to address natural resource management concerns.  I am particularly interested in visualizing and communicating complex science topics to make them more accessible and informative for decision-making by non-technical land owners and managers.

Outside of work, I am an avid gardener, Brazilian jiu jitsu student, trail runner, and beer homebrewer.  This year I finished my first ultra-marathon, running 50km through the Chihuahuan Desert of Big Bend National Park back home in Texas.  I live with my wife Abby and our black lab Maddy (long-time office dog) in the Woodlawn neighborhood in north Portland.