Ariel Hauptman

Regional Network: 
Eastern Regional Network
Class Year: 
Business Development Manager
Greyston Bakery
Yonkers New York

Ariel Hauptman is the Business Development Manager and Chair of Greyston Bakery’s Benefit Corporation Committee. She excels in marketing, brand positioning, building partnerships and relationship management. She is passionate about creating new operational models with environmental and socially sustainable business practices.

Ariel advocated for Greyston Bakery, a values-led supplier for Ben & Jerry’s ®, to become New York State’s first Benefit Corporation in February 2012. Since the incorporation, she has been developing and implementing the Bakery’s environmental programs including landfill reduction, values driven sourcing and the installation of 36 solar panels. In 2013, Ariel’s initiatives helped Greyston Bakery achieve the B Lab Best for the World and Community honor.

Like minded partnerships are the root of Ariel’s social enterprise philosophy and the motivation behind a co-branded brownie line she launched with Whole Planet Foundation in May 2012. Sold in Whole Foods Markets across the country, the brownies fund micro-loans for women entrepreneurs around the world. To date, the brownies have provided funding and financial opportunities to over 400 families.

Inspired from the success of the brownies, Ariel is currently launching a cookie line with Whole Foods Market that will launch nationally in May 2014.

Ariel received her M.A. from New York University and is a guest lecturer on sustainable business practices at Simmons and Bard College.