Ben Spinelli

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Spinelli & Pinto Consulting, LLC
Chester, NJ

My career spans over 20 years holding positions as the executive director of a major state agency, the executive director of a respected non-profit, an elected municipal official, a senior advisor for a major state policy office, a trial attorney & a big city prosecutor.  I have held both private and public sector jobs with increasing responsibilities and increasing influence as my experience has grown. I was able to complement my professional career with involvement in government and public service where I have been a leader and an innovator in environmental policy, sustainable local, regional and state-wide land use practices, land preservation, agricultural retention and strategic planning. I teach at the undergraduate collegiate level and provide consulting services to individuals, corporations, municipalities and non-profit organizations. Currently, after serving as a Senior Policy Advisor on the President’s Task Force for Disaster Recovery, I have taken a position as the New Jersey Field Representative for The Conservation Fund representing the organization’s interests throughout the state of New Jersey. I am also the owner/partner in a private consulting firm-Spinelli & Pinto, LLC providing services to municipalities, land owners and non-profits on matters of land conservation, farmland and open space management, strategic planning and land use. I am an Adjunct Professor at NJIT teaching classes on Environmental Law & Policy.