Brennan Rhodes-Bratton

Regional Network: 
Eastern Regional Network
Class Year: 
Doctoral Student
Mailman School of Public Health
New York, NY

Hello! I'm currently a doctoral student in the Sociomedical Sciences Department at Mailman School of Public Health. Prior to my doctoral studies, I worked in a variety of public health arenas including serving individuals with HIV and AIDS, locating housing for individuals experiencing homelessness and psychiatric disabilities in post-Katrina New Orleans, and increasing awareness about prediabetes through community-based participatory research (CBPR) in East Harlem -- each with the common thread of improving health disparities among communities of color. Most recently I had the honor of being the Program Coordinator for the Community Outreach and Translation Core of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health.

Each of the these experiences shaped who I am today as well as where I want to go.

My during my doctoral studies I plan to investigate the intersection of environmental health and childhood obesity through the lens of epidemiological sociology and community-based participatory research principles. All that to say, I love food and I love our environment. I hope that my efforts help ensure that enjoying a healthy life is a right that we can all achieve. 

When my head isn't in a book, I enjoy watching fencing, hugging friends (including trees), going through a few asanas, and breaking bread with family.