Brooks Winner

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Clean Energy Specialist II
Metropolitan Area Planning Council
Jamaica Plain, MA

My professional goal is to empower people and communities to make informed decisions about how they use, produce, and conserve energy.

As a Community Energy Coordinator at the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, I'm working with the 101 cities and towns in the Greater Boston area to plan and implement their clean energy transitions. I'm also working to make the transition to a clean energy economy a just and equitable one because the clean energy field is filled with old white dudes.

As a Community Development Officer at the Island Institute in Rockland, Maine I worked with island communities address their energy challenges and meet energy goals through energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy education. I also coordinated our leadership training and facilitation programming.

I am also a founder of Few for Change/Unidos por el Cambio, a nonprofit that works to improve access to education in the indigenous communities of the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé region of Panama.

I am a graduate of Bowdoin College (Class of 2010) in Brunswick, Maine.