Chris Linn

Regional Network: 
Delaware River Watershed Network
Class Year: 
Manager, Office of Environmental Planning
Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
Philadelphia, PA

I grew up central Bucks County and earned an undergraduate degree in Earth Sciences from Penn State University. From a young age I had a strong passion for the outdoors and nature which translated into a life-long love of national parks, wilderness areas, outdoor activities, and environmental values. In 1996 and 1997 I spent over a year working in wilderness areas in Glacier National Park, Montana and Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Following that experience, I entered graduate school at the University of Delaware in 1998, earning a Master of Energy and Environmental Policy in 2000. My studies at UDel focused on the conflict between the short-term profit imperative of global economic-political systems and the long-term limits of the plantet's capacity to provide resources and process wastes. Just as importantly, I learned that without the equitable distribution of the planet's natural capacities at the global scale, the sustainable use of resources cannot be achieved. My studies led me to my current position as Manager of the Office of Environmental Planning at the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission where I focus on open space preservation, outdoor recreation, trail development, ecological sustainability, climate change, and livable communities. While this work is decidedly not at the "gloabal scale", it involves many of the same themes invoked by the rubric of interantional political economy and sustainable development. I currently live in Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia with my wife who specializes in implementing municipal energy efficiency improvements. In my free time I enjoy trail running, biking, snowboarding, hiking, photography, playing with dogs, and disc golf -- all of which allow me to spend lots of time outdoors.