Cullen Naumoff

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National Fellows
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Farm Fare
Cleveland, Ohio | New York, NY

Cullen Naumoff is the Co-Founder of Farm Fare.  Farm Fare uses technology to foster, "Economies of Collaboration," an alternative to economies of scale, that allows regional food hubs to grow local food market share via family farms and regional supply chains.  Hailing from the agriculture-rich lands of Ohio’s densest dairies, she spent a decade before Farm Fare learning and working in NYC to West Virginia, gaining a better understanding of the dynamics of local economies. Upon her return to Ohio, she saw an opportunity to grow a local food economy through starting and managing a food hub. Her engineering background shed light on the obstacles to scalability a single food hub faces, while highlighting how collaborating strategically with like-minded businesses could yield an entirely different scale of impact.   

Cullen received her BS in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Ohio State University and her MPA in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University. She currently resides in New York City with her partner Nelson, though most often you'll find her outside marathoning, teaching spin (indoor cycling) and exploring all things wild and wonderful.