Dominic Frongillo

Regional Network: 
Eastern Regional Network
Class Year: 
Executive Director
Elected Officials to Protect America
Caroline, New York

Dominic Frongillo is Executive Director of Elected Officials to Protect America, which organizes state and local lawmakers to protect our enrionment, public health, and communties. The youngest person ever elected to serve on the town council in Caroline, New York, in 2012, Frongillo co-founded Elected Officials to Protect New York, a bipartisan initiative of more than 1,000 elected officials from all 62 counties to successfully ban fracking statewide and advance clean energy. A five-time delegate to the United Nations climate negotiations, he is a Climate Reality Project Presenter trained by Al Gore and trains elected officials nationally on climate for the Young Elected Officials Network and Local Progress. Internationally-recognized for his work in climate change, Frongillo is an innagural Roddenberry Fellow and a finalist for the national Barbara Jordan Leadership Award from the Young Elected Officials Network.