Grey Lee

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Managing Director
Civekos Coliving
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Grey Lee (LEED AP BD&C) is the former executive director of the US Green Building Council community in Massachusetts. He managed the organization's daily activities and led the Chapter in achieving our mission. He has a keen interest in helping the broader community of stakeholders recognize how green buildings support and resolve many environmental, social justice, and sustainability issues. By connecting more people to the benefits of green buildings, we will be able to see a groundswell of support to change policy and change market preferences toward better buildings and urban planning. Grey has a background in commercial brokerage, real estate finance, and community engagement. He serves on the boards of two other community organizations in the Boston area and is very active with the Green Catamount alumni network of the University of Vermont. He lives in Harvard Square, Cambridge. 

Grey remarks: “I have been working in the green real estate field for over ten years – as a broker, consultant, trainer and project manager. It is amazing how far the industry has come in this past decade. I'm excited to help facilitate the transition to a sustainable and equitable society into the next decade, leveraging the resources of the powerful community of green building pros in Massachusetts. Every green building that we put together, every sustainability-oriented policy we enact, every environmental advocate we enable, means our future will be more prosperous, more healthful, and more vibrant for all.”