Jenny Ward

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Maine Business & Community Relations Mgr
Appalachian Mountain Club Maine Woods Initiative
Greenville Maine

Born and raised in the Moosehead Region of Maine in the backdrop off the Appalachian Mountain's 100 mile wilderness positioned me to be exactly who I am, passionate and protective of the Maine woods. Growing up, going off to be educated and returning to raise my children here were both deliberate and difficult. My husband's work takes him away for months at a time, thus enabling me to establish and hone my plumbing, electrical, mechanical and wilderness survival skills. Both his schedule and living remotely in the Maine woods has provided me many opportunities to be brave, strong and independant. Holding a bachelor's degree and using my abilities to figure things out allowed me to work as a consultant for many years to various businesses as they grew and developed. These skills also set me up to support and work for the Appalachian Mountain Club on their Maine Woods Initiative project. My work for them, which continues today, combines my passion for conservation, and my organizational accumen and project management skills. I have traveled extensively and explored many wilderness areas from Africa to Canada. As is true in anyone's life, experience and environment provide the foundation of your life. I have been deliberate in gaining both through challenging physical and mental endeavors.