Larissa Johnson

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Residential Energy Program Manager
Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection

Larissa Johnson is currently the Residential Energy Program Manager for the Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection. She recently launched the new website Montgomery Energy Connection and she curates and writes for My Green Montgomery. Both websites are designed to help County residents find local programs, services, resources, and answers to energy and environmental questions in one place. 

Prior to moving to Maryland in 2012, Larissa's career has led her all around the country. For the last fifteen years, Larissa has dedicated her life to working with and for communities; helping people create sustainable, walk-able, bike-able, healthy neighborhoods that cultivate hale and hearty children and invigorate the communities’ livelihood.

In San Diego, California, she worked predominantly in the field of nutrition, physical activity, and chronic disease prevention and what she gleaned through her work is that the environment is at the center of literally everything we do in life. Without clean air to breathe – how do we stay healthy and combat preventative illnesses? Without clean water – how do we grow nutritious, locally produced food? And without green spaces – how do we learn to play and enjoy the outdoors again the way it was intended? The only way to do these things is by working to support the environment. 

Because of this drive, she went on to recieve her Master of Public Administration in Environmental Science and Policy from Columbia University's School of International and Public Affairs and then moved to Maryland where she has worked for NAACP's Environmental and Climate Justice Program, National Wildlife Federation as the Maryland Climate Coalition Coordinator, and University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science as the Climate Change Maryland Coordinator. 

In 2015 and 2017, she was chosen as a Leading Woman and added to the VIP List by The Daily Record. She also completed the Emerge Maryland program in 2015.  

While doing all of this work for the environment she still finds time to teach Aerobics and dance classes throughout the County. She is also a Certified Laugha Yoga instructor and tries to find laughter everywhere. She also has her own YouTube page called Rissy's Room which has been a side passion for years that she has finally brought to fruition.