Meg McGuire

Regional Network: 
Delaware River Watershed Network
Class Year: 
Delaware Currents, an online news magazein about the Delaware River
Where the river is: New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

I've been a journalist for most of my career. The paid part ended when my position (Managing Editor) was RIF'd (reduction in force) back in 2009. Since then I've done a number of things: taught writing in college, taught Pilates and created my own business as an entrepreneurial journalist: Delaware Currents. I began Delaware Currents back in 2015, when I didn't realize quite how big and complicated this river is!! Since then, it's kept me pretty busy. My business address is in Port Jervie, N.Y., but I live in Pike County, Pa. with my huband, Chris Mele and intermittently with my two step sons ( they are home during summers, etc. Penn State keeps them pretty busy the rest of the year!!I have a daughter from my first marriage -- she's studying from her dcotorate in architecture from the University of Michegan. My ohter passion is poetry and I have a website for that, too: