Ted Enoch

Regional Network: 
Eastern Regional Network
Class Year: 
Director of Catalyst
Partnerships for Parks
New York City

Ted has a long history of working in collaboration to help communities face and shift complex, social justice issues. He is currently enjoying his position as Director of Catalyst with Partnerships for Parks in New York City. The Catalyst Program supports historically underserved communities in activating and realizing the potential of their green and blue spaces. Ted's initial challenge as Director of Catalyst was to redesign the program -- preserving or enhancing impact while reaching more communities in much quicker program timelines. He is also a lead facilitator with the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Project for Civic Engagement and spent 20 years delivering prejudice reduction/community building programs with the National Coalition Building Institute. Previously he was Program Director for Education and Outreach at Spiral Q, a social justice and arts organization in Philadelphia. Spiral Q worked to help people use natural resources in their environment, like open spaces and everyday materials, to communicate community responses to self-identified issues of concern. Earlier in his career, while in Washington, D.C., he spent 8 years working in, and eventually directing, an alternative-to-incarceration program for Georgetown University.