Tomie Weaver

Regional Network: 
Great Lakes Regional Network
Class Year: 
Data Specialist
Fair Food Network
Ann Arbor, MI

Originating from Detroit, Tomie Weaver is an individual interested in making sure people have the information available to make the best possible decisions. In the social change environment, this means using data as a means to tell stories that influences the decisions made on where the program needs to best serve the population. Currently, they are working as a Data Specialist at Fair Food Network and always looking to expand on their skillset, especially in the range of data architecture and data management. 

This passion for information access comes from being fascinated with the ways that information can be structure and accessed - something emphasized in their education from Lawrence Tech University and University of Michigan. 

When not working, Tomie spends time writing, reading, studing cultural impact, geeking out about horror and music history, drawing, and playing synthesizer. As a person with multiple layers to their existence (autistic, agender) - they are always looking to build community with those in the intersection of multiple identities and sharing about how these identities shape the way people approach the world around them.