Yeumei Shon

Regional Network: 
New England Regional Network
Class Year: 
Founder and CEO
Cottonfield, LLC

Yeumei Shon is founder and CEO of Cottonfield, a socially responsible and mission driven business. Yeumei is committed to building a strong community by providing an environmentally and people friendly workplace, promoting organically grown products, and adhering to the fair trade law. Prior to founding Cottonfield, Yeumei was a patternmaker for several Boston companies. She also held the position of technical designer for Talbot's and served as apparel inspector for Snyder Leather Company. Raised in Taipei, Taiwan, Yeumei graduated from Shih-Cheng College's Department of Dress Design. Following her graduation, Yeumei became an instructor of the history of Chinese women's costume, pattern making and tailoring. Yeumei participates in many trade shows including "All things Organic," "Green Festival," the "Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability Conference" and the "Northeastern Organic Farming Association Conference." She has participated in a biodynamic agricultural seminar with Bob Connor, a Dr. Rudolf Steiner seminar, and volunteered at the Waltham Organic Farm in Massachusetts.