Photo of Teri Brezner shows a woman with brown skin and black hair, laughing with a background of stones and trees on a hillside

Teri Brezner

Facilitator, Coach


Teri (she/her) comes from the “space in between”, the place of never fully being from here or there, she is a body of many cultures. She identifies a black mixed-race, cis-woman, daughter of Guyanese immigrants, descendant of disruptors, visionaries, culture carriers. She is multilingual, immigrant, sister, friend, partner, mother, elder millenial and afro-futurist global citizen who isn’t a fan of identity labels.  These particular identities capture the lineage of being that has incubated her curiosity and fascination in culture, belonging, relationships, group dynamics, social change and collective liberation. Teri’s lived experience has taught her the art of belonging in liminal spaces, building bridges between worlds and cultivating a deep committed relationship with change. 

Teri’s purpose on this planet is to hold and co-create relational space for transformative change and collective liberation. Her career spans nearly two decades designing, directing and facilitating programs and trainings to support hundreds of social change leaders around the world through personal, organizational and societal transformation. In her approach to the work, Teri centers: people on the margins, justice, vulnerability, play + experimentation, relationships, learning and healing. She’s cried, laughed, fallen, been inspired, afraid, burned out and transformed by the work of social change. On her best days she is celebrating the seeds of transformation she tended with leaders that bloomed into the community garden, dream job, organization evolving into an anti-racist org or the disruption of a multi-national pipelines.  On her worst days, in the face of impossible conditions Teri holds on to the belief that “if it’s necessary, it’s possible”. 

In her free time Teri enjoys avoiding small talk and starting conversations about the meaning of life, getting outside, moving her body, finding wonder through the eyes of her 3 year old son, winning board games and putting herself into uncomfortable and awkward situations, all in the spirit of learning as much as she can and connecting to the divine interrelatedness of all human and non- human relations.