Photo of Takeya, a Black woman wearing green-framed glasses, blue v-neck shirt, and denim hat. She smiles warmly to the camera, in front of bushes and distant hills.

Takeya Meggett

Outreach & Selection Manager, Core Fellowship Programs


Takeya (she/her) is a community builder, a chef, and a land-tender. Her work and life experience includes a longstanding passion for environmental work-- including study in coastal and aquatic ecosystems, working as an educator and conservation crew leader, and supporting young people to gain hands-on experience through the Student Conservation Corps.

Keya shares, "I actively lead a creative life and enjoy exploring my diverse interests—prioritizing my curiosity. I am someone who deeply respects and cherishes the land and my connection to nature is intentional. I deeply believe in the interconnectedness of nature and its role in social and healing justice and am committed to advocating for it and being a loving steward."

Takeya hopes to inspire others to embrace joy, play, spirituality, grace, connection, and exploration daily as she believes through this we can transform our communities from a survival mentality to a thriving one and move towards a more cooperative perspective. She joined ELP staff in November, 2023, and is also a Senior Fellow of the 2019 Eastern Regional Network.