June 8, 2014

Every three months we adapt to the new seasons heading our way. Fortunately, for us, each new season brings with it unique abundance of fresh produce that

boasts a variety of new flavors and tastes to savor.  More and more, consumers are making the choice to allowing Mother Nature and local

agriculture to dictate what they select to eat.

Eating means eating a variety of local foods that are in season and at peak flavor, shortly after harvest, during that particular time of the year; making locally

grown foods the foundation of daily meals; and making a conscious decision to support local farmers and growers by choosing as many foods as possible from the local state or region.

Along with new flavors and great-tasting opportunities, produce offers many to you, your community and even the local economy.

This fact sheet offers an overview of the benefits of seasonal eating.  It's a great resource for educators and consumers alike.

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