June 18, 2013

Overview – This proposal supports the expansion of the successful Kilowatt Ours workshops. Created by ELP SERN Senior Fellow Jeff Barrie, the Kilowatt Ours organization has delivered more than 24 one-off workshops with average energy savings approaching 10% sustained for months following the workshops. This ELP grant will allow Kilowatt Ours to focus on repeated workshops in a single neighborhood, anchored with a strong community partner, over a four-month period this Fall/Winter, as a way of testing the effectiveness of repetition.

Vision – Nashville is a model sustainable community whose residents live with a high degree of awareness, lifestyles, practices and behaviors that reflect good stewardship of natural resources. A county-wide series of recurring, self-sustaining workshops and study groups perpetually reinforce and expand levels of knowledge and beliefs regarding good stewardship as a way of life. Our city and its residents thrive.

Mission – Offer a seasonal monthly series of workshops that instill improved energy conservation knowledge, behaviors and practices in predominantly low-income residences of the community surrounding the Urban Green Lab (UGL) location in East Nashville/Inglewood.

Project Team of ELP Senior Fellows:

Jeff Barrie is the Project Director of Killowatt Ours

Tyke Crowley is the Co-Founder of Light Path Insights

Heather Langford is a Director of LEED at the US Green Building Council