September 1, 2006

This article provides 10 essential concepts that may assist in dispelling the ultimate myth: that human are somehow separate from nature. The presentation of these concepts is designed to elicit in the reader a state of mindfulness or a heightened awareness that can be practiced regularly and can inform daily actions and lead to a more sustainable world. The human story, the story of life on Earth and within the known Universe, is still being written. This story, which began about 13.7 billion years, forms an unbroken chain of events that gives humans and the rest of the living beings on this planet an extraordinarily long and rich shared history; one with many periods of drastic change, feedback, adaptation, and creativity.

All Life, as we now know it, is the result of this ongoing “learning” process. Although this work is aimed at teachers and students, it is vital to recognize that we all are learners, even Earth (hence the title); and, that this learning process might very well lead to a next step in humanity’s evolution – an evolving global consciousness that all life - both human and other-than-human - past, present, and future is interconnected.