June 10, 2015

Microsoft OneNote - a productivity tool for our times

With more to achieve and more to keep track of each day, we could all use a little help in increasing our efficiency and efficacy.  Part of the Microsoft Office Suite, OneNote is a versatile ‘digital notebook’ - a handy means to store and organize information for when we need it.  This webinar will offer a basic overview that could inspire you to start using this easy-to-use program to enhance your work. 

Presenter bio:
Ellen Creveling, Director of Freshwater Programs. Ellen joined The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey in 2005; as Director of Freshwater Programs since 2012, she oversees the Chapter’s freshwater work, ranging from rural floodplain restoration to urban conservation--using nature to improve watershed health and quality of life for communities.  Ellen earned a B.A. from Columbia University and a M.S. from the University of Greenwich.