December 31, 2012

North America’s resource managers and conservation practitioners protect and preserve lands, waters, and wildlife in the face of land use change, development pressure, and now, climate change. To help ensure resource managers and conservationists will be able to protect and preserve  cherished places and wildlife in an era of climate change,National Wildlife Federation worked with the North Pacific Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NPLCC) and University of Washington Climate Impacts Group to identify climate change-related challenges, needs, and opportunities for conservation in North America’s coastal temperate rainforests and coasts. Four core needs were identified through the assessment and analysis: (1) decision-support systems and tools; (2) collaboration and other capacity-building activities; (3) new or different science, data, and information; and, (4) science communication and outreach.

A summary of the assessment is available here. A technical blog is available here. A blog focusing on the four core needs is available here. The full report can be downloaded from any of the previous links or directly here.