John Anderson

National (2004)

Director of Education

New England Aquarium

Arlington, Massachusetts

Personal pronouns: He, him, his

John C. Anderson is Director of Education at New England Aquarium, where he leads efforts to foster an ethic of ocean stewardship and to help our national conversation about climate change to be productive, engaging and empowering.  He facilitated development of the National Network for Ocean and Climate Change Interpretation ( and the Visualizing Change ( project which operate as capacity-building strategies within the museum field.  Currently, he is leading new initiatives that extend lessons from those projects to build multidisciplinary collaborations in the Boston area, to foster community engagement in building resilience to extreme climate-related events. He’s interested in continuing to learn from theoretical research and from assessment of educational practices about how to engage audiences from all walks of life in seeing themselves as empowered agents of change. Anderson earned his MA in biology from Boston University and his BA in biology from Oberlin College.