Kristina Boyd

PNWRN (2019)

Program development

University of Montana and Idaho Fish and Game

Libby, Montana

Personal pronouns: She, her, hers

I am a wildlife biologist with over 20 years of extensive experience and training in wildlife science and applied management, program development and funding, project management, and stakeholder involvement. My career has been built around a menagerie of passions in my life. I focus my drive and creativity towards the benefit of the natural world - to sustain that which sustains me.

Currently, my overarching interest lies in harnessing the ways that people express their values for wildlife and wild places to inspire support for conservation.  I am cogitating on how larger aspects of our society (e.g. food system, legal system, medical system) intersect with wildlife and habitat management, and what values or approaches can be exchanged.  In the meantime, I work on smaller pieces of this puzzle, including citizen science and leadership development.  And I’m infatuated with flying squirrels.