Julio Soria

PRN (2019)

Youth Leadership Programs Manager

Community Nature Connection

Whittier, California

Personal pronouns: He, him, his

My name is Julio Soria. I am a father and naturalist. Regardless of what professional titles I have had or will hold, these two will always be at the core of my being. Like most, I strive for that work-life balance. As a naturalist I notice the systems and interactions in the natural world. When everything is in balance, these systems are healthy. My work history has all revolved around environmental education, conservation, and outdoor recreation. I love being in the outdoors! In my personal life I enjoy everything from exploring new trails, camping, relaxing by a waterfall, practicing my survival skills, or gardening at home. It all makes me feel alive. Now as a parent, I have the added joy and responsibility of instilling a sense of stewardship and appreciation for nature in my son. I naturally gravitated towards work I was passionate about and fulfilled my need to be in nature. As a father and a professional in the environmental education field, I feel my profession and my personal life are complementary and even codependent. I need to continue in this field to create the world that I want my son to inherit. I am at a place where lessons I learn at work and programs I offer can benefit my son. Tips, tricks, and seedlings I get from my garden can be shared with community partners. New parks and trails that I discover on my own time become new locations for programs. My goal is to get to that sweet spot where I am at a near healthy balance of leading a sustainable professional and personal lifestyle.

Currently I work for Community Nature Connection as the Youth Leadership Programs Manager. My work centers around creating bridges to careers in the outdoors and conservation for youth in the underrepresented communities of Los Angeles.