Derek Christianson

NERN (2009)

Derek Christianson is the farmer at Brix Bounty Farm in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. He has been farming in the Northeast for the past nine seasons, recently relocating to the Southcoast from Hawthorne Valley Farm in New York. Founded in 2008, Brix Bounty Farm aims to produce and promote the production of nutrient dense foods, using sustainable growing methods that focus on improving soil health for long-term agricultural viability. Central to this mission are efforts to improve food security through community projects which increase knowledge and awareness of sustainable production techniques on farms and in backyard and community gardens. Brix Bounty works with local non-profits and community groups to bridge the connection between soil, diet, and health. Derek and his wife, Katie, are involved in the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Office of Campus and Community Sustainability's development of a new sustainability extension service for southeastern Massachusetts. He also serves on the farm committee and as a project consultant for the Dartmouth YMCA - Sharing the Harvest Community Farm and is a board member of NOFAMass (Northeast Organic Farming Association -Mass.)