Cathie Chavez-Morris

National (2005)

Cathie Chavez-Morris is an Environmental Specialist with the City of Los Angeles. As the Program Manager for the City of Los Angeles’ Multifamily Residential Recycling Program, she is responsible for the successful recruitment of over 400,000 multifamily residential units into a voluntary recycling program. Her previous employment includes experience with the management, transportation and treatment of hazardous waste, remediation of contaminated private and public properties, and state-funded conservation projects along the Los Angeles and San Gabriel Rivers. Her current profeesional projects include the use of community based social marketing techniques in recycling campaigns and the implementation of mandatory recycling as mandated by AB 32. Mrs. Chavez-Morris graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences from California Polytechnic University, Pomona and a Master of Science in Environmental Studies from California State University, Fullerton.