Here are all the places Senior Fellows stay connected after the fellowship experience and how we connect with other amazing people in the network:

Discuss List: The ELP Discuss list is for topics of conversation.  Wanting to organize a meet-up?  Have a technical question? Curious about a graduate program? Because of the quantity of emails, we encourage you to BCC the list, and send a copy to yourself (so you know that it has gone out).  If you are collecting information or organizing an event, it is appropriate to send a follow-up email to the list.  Please do no post jobs to the ELP Discuss list. Need to update your email? Please contact Team ELP at

Job Board:  Please post your jobs to the ELP Job Board. The job board is free to all, so feel free to encourage your friends and colleagues to post.  There have been lots of great jobs posted this year. Check it out HERE.

Slack: A group of Seniors Fellows have created an ELP Slack group, and there are many subgroups going strong on there as well.  We have created a link that allows you to generate your own invite to join Slack. It takes less than 5 minutes to sign up. Join the Slack conversations HERE. ‚Äč

Digital Library:  The Digital Library was created to house interesting webinars, podcasts, documents, videos, etc.  There is a ton of great information on there, and each Fellow has the ability to add more.  If you are interested in being highlighted in an ELP Webinar, please contact Team ELP at out the Library HERE.

ELP Profiles:  ELP Profiles, which are found on our website are a great way to connect with other Senior Fellows.  As with any network, it gets much strong as more people contribute with current information.  Now would be a great time to update your profile!  Also, you can check out the Find-A-Fellow search function to find other Fellows near you, or with similar interests.  Check out the list of profiles HERE. Need to update the info on your profile? Please contact Team ELP at with the info you need updated.

Linked In: Our Linkedin Group is another great place to learn more about ELP Fellows.  Although we do not actively post in this group, it is only accessible to ELP Fellows, so it is a great place to get current information on other Fellows. Join the group HERE.

Social Media: Like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram! Are you on social media and posting something that relates to Senior Fellows, your PLP, your POD, etc?  Use the hashtag #elpmurmur